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Michael Munroe

Ultimate System Resources

Your Ultimate System Guide

Welcome to your new Ultimate System — the absolute best system to give you the weight loss results you want. This resource page will act as a guide for additional support and information during these 30 days. As you scroll down, you’ll find simple and delicious recipes, instructive articles, and an electronic version of the booklet found with your system. Use this page to get the most out of your Ultimate System, and experience lasting weight loss and the benefits that follow.


Delicious Ultimate Recipes

Find dozens of mouth-watering recipes designed specifically for weight loss and your dietary needs. You can filter through recipes based on your eating preferences, especially keto and low-carb recipes. Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, even nutritious snacks, are only a click away.

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Your PDF Resources

In case you ever lose the physical copy of your Ultimate System booklet, or you just prefer an electronic version, a downloadable copy can be found below. Simply click on the first link to receive a zip file of the eBook. You can also click the second link to access the page where you can individually download the 8-day jumpstart, grocery list, recipes, daily guide, and more.

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