Passport Program




Whether you want to get a cash bonus at the next event, come visit Xyngular headquarters at the beautiful Sundance Resort, or if you’re looking to cruise the Caribbean on the 50K Getaway, the Passport Program is your ticket to success.


The first trip with Xyngular’s Passport Program is to visit Xyngular’s headquarters and stay at Robert Redford’s world-famous resort. The best part is that the trip is available at only 10,000 GV! While there, you’ll get to network with other Xyngular independent Members, meet and learn from Xyngular’s Corporate team, visit Xyngular’s headquarters, and enjoy Utah’s scenic beauty.”Since I own a business, I never took the time to travel because it meant not being at work and having to pay for trips out of pocket,” said Silver Executive Cynthia Evans.

“The Passport Program has allowed me to travel and not have to pay for it, and it’s so special because I have all these travel buddies that I can see the world with!”Rather than send Members away by themselves, the Xyngular Passport Program has been designed to get Members together to share, network, learn, and grow their businesses.

“We wanted our Members to spend time together all over the world, which is why we came up with the Passport Program,” said Xyngular President, Marc Walker. “Having been on these trips with so many Members, I know first hand that it works and it literally transforms Members and explodes their business with the excitement and momentum they gain here.” Getting paid to travel? It doesn’t get any better than that!