Compensation Plan


If you’ve looked at any other type of compensation plans in the industry, you’ll find a common thread of complexity. And it’s a complexity that seldom pays off in your favor. At Xyngular, we have taken a very different approach: we reward you with each and every sale.

With a new and unique global compensation concept that immediately allows new Members the ability to grow their organization and become a partner in the global business, Xyngular enables everyone to share in the global growth of our company.

As opposed to most traditional compensation plans, there is no more stressing over strong legs and weak legs, no waiting for someone to reach a certain title so you can qualify to earn more commissions, or worse, having their advancement cut you off from some of your hard earned commissions. There is no more stress at the end of each month, trying to ensure no one drops in title and keeps you from a major portion of your monthly income.

The most exciting part, however, is that everyone in the company is helping you succeed. Think of how exciting it would be to sign up and instantly have volume show up under you. How exciting would it be for a new Member to sign up and instantly see people and volume under them? With Xyngular, this is exactly what happens. Because we put everyone in a straight line at the Xyngular organization, those who signed in before you help you build your business.

What this means is that as the company grows, everyone profits. It’s the ideal, never-done-before concept of people helping people worldwide succeed financially – no matter what organization they were enrolled in – and then sharing in the overall success of the company through 12 Global Profit Pools.

And profit is what our Distributors do. They earn commissions from Retail Profits, the $100 Quick Start Bonus, a Rapid Rewards program that pays $24 directly to the sponsor of a new Member on each case they order in their first month, plus $12, $8, and $6 to the next three up-line on each new case ordered, along with Residual Earnings that pay 42% on repeat volume down 8 levels. Add in the 12% of total company volume that is set aside each month in the 12 Global Profit Pools which are then paid out to those who qualify, and you can quickly see that Xyngular pays out a large portion of sales back to our Members.

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