Hi My Name Is Billie Ozment I Am 57 Years Old. I Have In My Lifetime Been In 13 Car Accidents, 1 Truck Accident While Inside The Truck Plus Other Accidents Along The Way, Thous Causing Me To Have 3 Pinched Nerves & 1 Blotted Disc In My Back & 3 Pinched Nerves On The Right Side Of My Neck. This Has Caused Me To Have Deteriorating Nerve Damage, Nueropropthy Which Means I Have Little Or No Feelings In My Legs & Feet With Constant Pain Stinging My Feet & Legs Like Bees Stinging Them & When I Try To Lay Down To Go To Sleep These Pains Keep Waking Me Up So There Are Weeks I Get Little Or Almost No Sleep At All. I Started Taking Xyng On 4-12-16 At 11:50 am EST Within A Few Minutes I Felt Lots Of Energy & Was Ready To Work On The Computer To Do My Advertising. Then When I Was Ready To Go To Sleep I Actually Got To Sleep For 4 Hours The First Time I Took Xyng, The Next Night I Was Able To Sleep Even Longer & So On & When I Wake-up I Am Full Of Energy & Now I Can Remember Lots More Things Than I Used To. My Husband Misplaced My Appointment Book & I Missed My Pain Clinic Appointment Over A Month Ago. I Seen I Had Around 20 Pain Pills Left, I Still Have The Same Amount Of Pain Pills Today. With Xyngular & Prayer I Will Soon Be Totally Pain Free & All Natural. NO More Chemicals For Me. Thank You Xyngular For Giving Me My Life Back! Billie Ozment