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Xyngular Corporate

FAQ: $100 Product Credit

When someone in the US purchases a new Ultimate System, they will receive a $100 product credit to be used on a future purchase. Terms and conditions include:

  • The credit must be used within 60 days of initial purchase or the credit expires.
  • The credit applies to any Autoship or regular order of at least $250 within 60 days of the initial Ultimate purchase.
  • For the $100 credit to apply, there must be at least $250 worth of product in Member or Distributor’s cart before taxes and shipping.
  • The $100 product credit can only be used on product orders, not services such as Xander, non-PV items such as shaker bottles and canisters, or systems/kits such as the Core, the Ignite, the Ultimate, or the Daily Essentials Kit.
  • Free shipping applies to orders of $199 or more before the credit is applied.
  • PV/CV will automatically be reduced on the order the product credit is used based on the discount percentage received by the $100 credit.
  • The reduction will be the percentage of the discount created by the $100 credit.

For example, Jane has $400 worth of product in her cart before taxes and shipping. The CV/PV of the order is 200. After the $100 product credit is applied, the new subtotal is $300. That means Jane received a 25% percent discount from the product credit. Therefore, the CV/PV of Jane’s order is reduced from 200 to 150.

  • Nontransferable: Cannot transfer it to another person.
  • There is no cash value.
  • The $100 credit cannot be redeemed for SWAG such as branded merchandise or apparel items in the Xyngular Mall or at the Xyngular Store.
  • Product redeemed with the $100 product credit is not eligible for exchange.
  • Xyngular reserves the right to revoke the credit if there is a breach of contract in accordance with Xyngular’s Policies and Procedures.


  • If an Ultimate System is returned (partial or full) and the product credit has not been redeemed, the product credit will be revoked.
  • If an Ultimate System is returned (partial or full) and the product credit has been redeemed, the refund will be processed as normal per Xyngular’s Policies & Procedures (link).
  • If the order paid for with the product credit is returned, the amount of the product credit will be deducted first from the return amount.
  • PV/CV will be adjusted on both the Ultimate system and second orders when returned.

For example, John purchases $300 worth of product. After the $100 product credit is applied, John paid $200. He then returns $75 worth of product; no refund would be given to John based on the $100 product credit return policy. This would leave John with a $25 credit remaining so if his next refund was more than $25 he would receive a partial refund.