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Veron L Percy-Jarrett

FAQ: Osteo

Q: What is the main purpose of Osteo?
A: To promote healthy bone mineral levels, supporting good bone health in both men and women in every stage of life.

Q: How much does Osteo cost at retail and wholesale?
A: $42.00 at retail, $34.99 at wholesale

Q: What is the PV of Osteo?
A: 25 PV

Q: How do you recommend using Osteo?
A: We recommend using Osteo once daily, first thing in the morning.

Q: Is there soy in Osteo?
A: No, there is no soy in Osteo.

Q: What makes Osteo different from other bone-health products?
A: Unlike most other products, Osteo contains strictly marine calcium and magnesium, plus a vegetarian capsule. Osteo is a 100% natural product.

Q: I have issues with lactose and dairy, can I still use Osteo?
A: Yes you can! Because Osteo’s calcium comes from calcified marine sources, it contains no lactose or dairy.

Q: Should I eat food before taking Osteo?
A: No, we recommend taking Osteo first thing in the morning.

Q: What are the top bone-health ingredients in Osteo?
A: Osteo features calcium and magnesium, both essential bone minerals, plus vitamin D, which increases the body’s ability to efficiently absorb calcium.

Q: Should this product be taken around exercise?
A: While not essential, it can be used around daily exercise to slow bone density loss typically associated with exercise.

Q: What other products can Osteo be taken with?
A: Osteo can be taken with all Xyngular products.

Q: Where is Osteo made?
A: Osteo is made in the United States.

Q: Does Osteo contain fish or shellfish?
A: No, though it is sourced from marine algae.

Q: Does Osteo contain nuts?
A: No nuts are included in Osteo’s formula.

Q: Does Osteo contain caffeine or other stimulants?
A: Osteo contains no stimulants.

Q: How much Osteo should you take in a day, and when?
A: We recommend taking one serving daily, ideally in the morning on an empty stomach.

Q: Can you use Osteo if you are pregnant or nursing?
A: We recommend consulting with your doctor.