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Brenda Sherrell

Live Your Way

Work Your Way. Lead Your Way. Dream Your Way.

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Change your life with just one click.👇

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How to Get Paid

Most millionaires have seven different streams of income.

Xyngular is the perfect side gig that lets you work at your own pace and build networks that last a lifetime. Solve problems from your phone and start earning with Xyngular!

Why Social Selling?

You're Already Doing It

Did your friend just go to the movie you told them about? You just made a product recommendation!

With Xyngular, you can get paid when friends take your recommendations without doing anything extra!

Control Your Time

No one calls the shots for you. You set your schedule and make it as flexible as you want.

Bonus? We create the marketing material and provide you with your own website.

Help Others

By nature, we’re built on helping others get healthier.

When you join, you're part of that mission too. That means you can be confident and proud of the fact that what you do makes a difference.

The Xyngular Difference

There are plenty of ways to make some extra cash these days. You could pick up strangers in your car, deliver food, or charge scooters at night, but you'd be missing out on a community and the benefits only Xyngular offers!*

Enjoy the thrills of owning your own business and making extra money without the headache of things like inventory and shipping.

White Glove Treatment

Your job may offer fun perks like employee of the month or a summer party. That's cute, but it won't let you grow and experience the world quite like our Recognition and Passport Program will.💰🏆✈️

Xyngular wants you to live a life of adventure. That's why we cover flights, accommodations, and excursions for you AND a guest! Park City mountains, camels in Dubai, and shopping sprees in Beverly Hills are just a few of the perks to look forward to.**

Health Doesn't Go Out Of Style

Health supplements are something you need every month no matter your weight, age, or gender. That's why they can't stop growing!

In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing, most well-established industries. Already at $151.9 BILLION and projected to grow by 8% year over year.

Xyngular is a dark horse that's ready to take the product supplement industry by storm. With untapped markets we need you to grow! Check out our numbers to see how you can get in on the ground floor.

Room to Grow

Xyngular is still up and coming, and has room for you to grow and build a team of your own.

The Best Products on the Market

We know that health and weight loss is about so much more than a number on a scale. It’s about loving yourself and being healthy both in body and mind. That’s why all Xyngular products are crafted (with love ❤️) to build complete, total wellness.

Xyngular award-winning products are crafted by in house experts so you have a product solution for every customer.

Support for Every Step of Your Journey

We’re not fans of going it on your lonely–that’s why we can’t wait to give you the tools to grow! Here’s what you’ll get when you start your Xyngular business.

Connect with the person who introduced you to Xyngular for even more tools and community support to help you hit the ground running.

*Check out the Xyngular Income Summary.
**Trips and travel are earned through Xyngular’s Recognition and Passport Program. Partners must meet specific requirements and qualifications to attend. Details of qualifications and expenses covered by Xyngular vary.