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Shaunna M Kaufmann

Trim Down Trio System

  • Control Cravings — Burn Fat

Start Trimming Down in 30 Days

The Xyngular Trim Down Trio provides a complete basic system to follow for noticeable weight-loss results in just 30 days. This trio of top-selling products is designed to work together in curbing cravings and controlling hunger; and supporting all-day energy and an active, fat-burning metabolism.

Whether you’re ready to lose those extra pounds you’ve been carrying around or you want to maintain your current healthy weight, the Trim Down Trio—combined with healthy eating habits—will help you be successful. An 8-day jumpstart, plus delicious keto and low-carb meal plans and our virtual health coach Xander means fast results and continued support!

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Trim Down Trio Resources

KIT INCLUDES: Accelerate |  Lean  | Trimstix 

The Products

Accelerate Thermolit Blend.png
Energy & Metabolism | Fat Burn
Lean Flavor Pack-100.jpg
Nutrition | Appetite Control
shopping cart images_TrimStix_3-400x400.jpg
Appetite Control | Fat Burn
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