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Michael Munroe

Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid

  • Digestion
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Digest Best

Digest best with Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid! Designed as a chewable, Complete Digestive Aid makes digestion at first bite easy, breaking down your entire meal while you chew. Made up of organic debloating botanicals with 14 broad-spectrum enzymes, Complete Digestive Aid goes to work in hours, not days, to help ease occasional bloating, support gut comfort, and optimize nutrient absorption.*

Have questions? We have answers! See the Complete Digestive Aid FAQs HERE!

Benefits of Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid™:  2 Round Pills Rebrand 2018 1-2 Chewable Tablets   =   Icon_GutHealth_40px Improved Digestion 

Product Information

Complete Digestive Enzyme Blend™

  • Contains a mix of various digestive enzymes to break down proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibers, sugars, and dairy.*

Organic Anti-Bloat Botanicals

  • Contains organic dandelion root and organic ginger root to keep post-meal bloating at bay.*

Pictured: Ginger

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