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Michael Munroe

Utilizing Subscriptions to Stimulate Growth

distributor education

Utilizing Subscriptions to Stimulate Growth

* The following article was created and adapted from a video by Jessi Jo which first appeared on the Xyngular YouTube channel in June of 2020. It was one of many videos aimed at empowering Xyngular Community members to share best practices for success!

We all know there are several ways to earn as a Xyngular distributor. And while they’re all important in their own ways, well, I’m just going to say it: Subscription is the bread and butter of your business.

If you haven’t tapped into the subscription piece of the Xyngular earning pie, you’re not only selling yourself short, but you’re ignoring an element that is absolutely crucial to the success of your business.

Here’s why.

You’ve Got to Think Long-Term

Our business is literally about changing lives—not quick fixes! And that goes for both you and your customers.

For you, consider the idea that each of the potential customers you interact with is an investment in your business. You may talk to some of these people for years before they are ready to sign on. This means that you need each of those big (and small!) time investments to pay off for you! By encouraging each of your “investments” to get on subscription, they’ll be providing monthly income and points for you—as opposed to just becoming a one-and-done buyer, out the door with a 30-day supply of a product.

This leads to the customer side of thinking long-term. Xyngular subscriptions are designed to assist people in making beneficial lifestyle changes and continually healthy choices. A customer with a month-long supply simply isn’t going to get what they’re looking for from Xyngular. Remember, our business is about changing lives and empowering people to become MORE—not just providing quick fixes! People care about their health, so don’t be afraid to remind them that staying on track is a long-term commitment, but one they’ll never regret.

The Power of Positivity in Subscriptions

For whatever reason, people have become weary of the subscription opportunities in their lives. But think about it—we rely on subscription services more than we realize! Everything from necessary monthly bills, to magazines, to cleaning products, even down to our razors are handily delivered to us on a regular basis, usually offering a bit of excitement when we open the package. So why wouldn’t you want to put your health on subscription, too?!

The thing is, subscriptions are not only not negative, they’re incredibly helpful for both you and your customers. It all comes down to how you present them. So be POSITIVE!

In essence, by recommending Xyngular products on a subscription basis to your customers, you’re putting them in control of their health. They get to pick exactly which products they want and how often they receive them. They can cancel anytime without cancellation fees or awkward corporate phone calls. Xyngular doesn’t want anyone to jump through unnecessary hoops! When the goal is empowering people to become more, those annoying obstacles will never be part of the equation.

Best of all? Every customer enrolled in the subscription program is going to be earning rewards points! Without a subscription, they’re missing out on valuable rewards points toward free products—essentially leaving money on the table. And NO ONE wants that!

It’s up to you to bring the power of positivity back to the subscription game. Remind them that it’s just one less thing to worry about and one more way to set themselves up for success and growth.

Subscriptions Stave Off Stagnation

As a distributor, subscriptions are absolutely necessary in order to build your business. Let me say that another way—your business will unquestionably stop growing if you don’t utilize this awesome program!

I know because it happened to me. My business was stagnant for two years before I realized that I was leaving out a major piece of the success pie—subscriptions. Without them, you’re effectively starting over every month with points and rank instead of relying on the steady performance-boosting subscribers you’ve helped enroll already. No one wants to climb up the ladder every month just to fall back down over and over. What’s the point?!

You HAVE to utilize this incredible tool in order to be successful. It’s not just important, it’s vital to progressing your business and building to higher and higher ranks—which in turn means more money for you and healthier lives for your customers!

Ultimately, by utilizing subscriptions, you’re going to change customers lives, their health, and YOUR finances. And that’s a slice of the Xyngular pie that everyone can dig into.

What can you do? Talk to your customers about the value of starting a subscription! Talk to your upline for advice on their best practices and tips!

Then, look for ways to share your story. Share your why. Go to Facebook and Instagram and share a post with your friends and family.

View the Xyngular Income Summary at Xyngular.com/xis.

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