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Michael Munroe

CEO Russ Fletcher's Xyngfling Address: Keep Calm and Trust the Soup

Russ Fling Keynote

Our very own Russ Fletcher took to the stage as the final speaker of Xyngfling 2020 Live.

As CEO, Russ plays a key role in guiding Xyngular through all the trials and challenges the world throws our way—even when they fill his own life.

A Year Ago

Last year at Xyngfling 2019, Russ had taken the stage and announced to the Xyngular world that he’d been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. That announcement began a long series of doctor’s visits and trial and error as he adjusted to what he called his “new normal.”

“Today I’m happy to say that my treatment is going very well,” said Russ. “And I am living the best life I can imagine—even with the challenges we all face. Your prayers and kindness for my family and your neighbors has been truly inspiring, thank you.”

And then, just when Russ had begun to get his feet back under him, one day changed everything again. On his birthday, Russ received a call that his daughter had been in a serious car accident in the Australian outback. She underwent emergency surgery as Russ boarded the first flight to Australia.

Again, Russ’ “new normal” changed and began again with doctors’ offices, therapy rooms, and more than seven trips back and forth across the Pacific Ocean. Russ again thanked his “Xyngular family” around the world for their support as his daughter has made an incredible recovery.

And THEN, just when things were settling down—the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. “The world went crazy,” Russ said. “And we all had to figure out yet another ‘new normal’ together.”

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God. Family. Xyngular.

When everything else changed, three things remained constant for Russ—

God: “We believe our relationship with God, whatever your spirituality looks like, or faith you hold, comes first,” said Russ.

Family: Our relationships with our families, our significant others, the families we came from, or the families we create must be our next priority.

Xyngular: “For those of us here,” Russ said, addressing the Xyngfling 2020 Live viewers, “Then comes the Xyngular family we know and love. I saw it first-hand with so many reaching out to me and others.”

Our Purpose

Ax Xyngular, our purpose is to become more, and help others to become more.

What does “become more” mean to you? We’ve always left that up to you. A personal goal, a professional goal, moving more, being happier…anything!

Learn about our Becoming More opportunity here.

How We Do It

Russ spoke passionately about the way we accomplish our becoming more mission. “It is a simple process,” he began. “And the process is this:”

The Best Product Systems on the Planet

Xyngular systems are the most effective health and weight-loss systems you can find anywhere. More than 90% of system users see results within their first 30 days!

And with a full range of daily health supplements, you will continue to feel great and keep the weight off.

A Compensation Plan That Rewards

Xyngular features one of the most rewarding compensation plans of any direct sales company. This is by design—a key aspect of Xyngular’s philosophy is the idea of doing well by doing good.

Russ then asked a question to the virtual audience. “How much good could you do in the world,” he began. “If you could put $500 in the pockets of as many people as possible?”

Think about the difference even $500 could make in the lives of your friends and neighbors. In your own life? That is the kind of difference even a part-time Xyngular Distributor can make in their community.

Learn more about an opportunity with Xyngular here.

A Company That Cares for YOU!

Xyngular was recently recognized as one of the top 50 direct sales company in the entire world, and we believe it is because of you, our amazing Distributors.

From our highest-quality products, to our compensation plan, Passport travel program, and our WOW service, Xyngular truly cares for each person who uses our products, or joins the business opportunity.

Trust the Soup—The Ingredients for Success

“I have a large family,” Russ began. “Regularly we end up with “stuff” in the refrigerator. With 10 growing kids, it often became difficult to make ends meet, and eat the way we wanted to. My wife had to become a genius in making soup from nothing—from all that “stuff” that was leftover. And it was delicious! A miracle every time.”

So what does that mean for us?

cabbage soup.jpg

“That ‘soup’ is all the stuff that is out there,” said Russ. “It’s the products, and it’s your team, and it’s your cross-line teams, and the people at Corporate, and the circumstances in the world…and all those things that come together for you and your opportunity. Trust it. We are here for you. Trust the soup!”

Do the Work

As Russ finished his keynote speech, he again highlighted the “soup” ingredients that are available to Xyngular users looking to achieve weight loss, or financial freedom.

“If your passion is to play the piano,” he asked. “And we give you a Steinway grand, are you going to play it? If you love cars, and we give you a brand-new Porsche, are you going to drive it?”

At Xyngular, we give you all the best ingredients you need to become more and find success. You have those things in front of you. What now?

As Russ said “Go! Now. Do it!”

“Don’t wait for it, NOW is the time to run. We are going to come surging out of this temporary slow down, and we’re going to surge back to life as we knew it. Embrace this chance—it’s time to run!”

Ready to run after your goals? To learn more about the Xyngular products that can help you finally see the weight-loss results you’ve looked for, contact your Xyngular Distributor or log into your Xyngular account here.

And if you’re ready to learn more about a potential opportunity with Xyngular, contact your Xyngular Distributor today!

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