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Dusty Ely

Xyngular Makes Inc. 5000 List for 4th Year

Xyngular team

Great news from our company HQ! Xyngular has made Inc. 5000’s list of fastest growing companies in America for the fourth year in a row.

Xyngular prides itself on its strong company culture and sound business practices, but the true story of our company’s success is in its customers and independent Distributors. Xyngular is helping people to lose the weight once and for all, regain their confidence, and reclaim their lives. It isn’t all in the numbers; at Xyngular, we are providing a partnership for one of the most difficult journeys a person can take in life.

“Xyngular’s success is due to our unique combination of a community sales approach and our award winning systems for weight loss,” says CEO Russ Fletcher. “Everyone knows that weight loss is about eating less and burning more calories. Having someone who walks alongside you, cheering you on, during that process is what makes our solution so appealing to those who are introduced to it.”

As far as the company’s continued corporate growth and success, Xyngular is just getting started. Fletcher says, “We believe that we have just scratched the surface of our North America market. We are excited to continue to grow throughout the US and Canada for the next few years with the prospect of international expansion on the horizon.”

Stay tuned for more innovation and success from Xyngular!

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