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Jeremy G Burrows

Passport Program

Experience. Earn. Explore.

Unlock Unforgettable Adventures

You’re about to travel the world! From secluded retreats in the Wasatch mountains, a pampered cruise through Mediterranean waters, and even a dream vacation of your own imagination and making, the Xyngular Passport Program rewards you with unforgettable adventures. As you continue to build your Xyngular business, more trips open doors to lasting memories.

See what awaits you below!*

*Trips and travel are earned through Xyngular’s Passport Program, and Distributors must meet specific requirements and qualifications to attend. Details of qualifications and expenses covered by Xyngular vary and can be found at http://on.xyngular.com/PassportSummary.

Headquarter Retreat

Enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the Wasatch mountains when you join us for a two-night retreat at one of our favorite local resorts. You and your guest will tour Xyngular HQ, enjoy the finest local fare and fun activities, and take part in exclusive and detailed trainings to support building your business and fostering continued success.

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Director Invitational

We're bringing you back to the heart of Utah for two nights stay in luxury accommodations tucked away in one of our favorite mountain retreats. This trip culminates in a one-on-one business building training session with a member of our corporate management team. Head back home feeling rested, renewed, and ready to take your business to new and exciting heights!

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50K Getaway

All aboard the “S.S. Smooth Sailing with Xyngular”! Set adrift on a luxury cruise liner to exotic destinations where you’ll snorkel with ocean life, dine on fine cuisine, and spoil yourself with relaxing and unforgettable adventures. Bring the sunscreen and an extra bathing suit—you’re about to soak up some rays and fun!

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Executive Retreat

Your next exotic destination awaits. You and your plus one will enjoy five nights experiencing rich culture, sampling local fare and fine cuisine, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for fun. Anyone ever ridden a camel before? Maybe you'll get your chance! The Executive Retreat delivers an exclusive and exceptional adventure you'll remember for years to come.

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Mentor Trip

Return to the beautiful Sundance Resort as our guest trainer at our next Director Invitational. Enjoy multiple nights in Utah's scenic mountains, all while participating in fun activities, and an exclusive review from a member of the Corporate Executive team.

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South Pacific Expedition

Crystal clear waters await you at our South Pacific Expedition. During your stay, you’ll wake up to an oceanside view, capture the vibrant colors of lively reefs, and nestle your toes in soft, powdery sand. Grab your beach towel and your taste for adventure—island life is calling!

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Mediterranean Cruise

Experience Europe like never before. Spend time in the breathtaking city of Rome, combined with several relaxing days out on the Mediterranean Sea, tranquilly traveling from port to port. Your seaside European tour will take you to romantic destinations, where you’ll fall in love with the diverse culture and the allure of the European lifestyle.

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Exclusive Jewelry Experience

We’re flying you and a guest out to Beverly Hills for the ultimate pampering. You’ll stay at the historic and luxurious Beverly Wilshire hotel while receiving the finest spa treatment available. Highlight your trip with a private jewelry-shopping session by an experienced jeweler for your very own, timeless jewelry. You deserve it!

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Personalized Bucket List Experience

Wine tasting through Napa; Island hopping in Hawaii; VIP treatment to see your favorite team play; Choose an experience you want to cross off your bucket list—and let’s make it happen! You’ll work closely with a member of the Corporate team to iron out all the details, and then you’re on your way.

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5-Star European Vacation

Take an extended tour through Europe and experience modern cities, old-world charm, and postcard-worthy scenery. You and your plus one will stop at several destinations during your trip, all while enjoying extravagant accommodations, exploring classic and historic sights, and building a wealth of memories to share together.

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Personalized Dream Vacation

Your dream vacation stands as the pinnacle of the Passport Program. Bring your traveling imagination to life with this defining trip. Safari in the Serengeti; relax on the pristine beaches of Thailand; lounge on a yacht in the Caribbean for a week. You’ll plan out every little detail of your dream vacation with a member of corporate—from your travel itinerary, room accommodations, and the personalized adventures, this vacation is your creation, and our way of thanking you for your incredible hard work.

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