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Jeremy Burrows

FAQ: Axion

Q: How do you recommend using Axion?
A: We recommend taking 2 Axion first thing in the morning with food.

Q: Can I take Axion with my medication or condition?
A: Consult your treating physician with this question.

Q: What makes Axion different from a standard multi-vitamin?
A: Axion is different for two key reasons: 1. We utilize a bilayer tablet, allowing for immediate and sustained release. 2. Axion contains total body and gut support, including probiotics for digestive health.

Q: I can’t swallow the tablets. Can I crush them instead?
A: Yes. However, you will lose the benefit of a delayed release. 

Q: How much of Vitamin D (Any Nutrient) is in Axion?
A: All essential Vitamins & Minerals are listed in their full dose and Recommended Daily Allowance on the supplement facts panel located on your product. Some of our ingredients may be listed as part of a proprietary blend to protect formulas, Xyngular’s valuable intellectual property.