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Jeremy G Burrows

Xyngfling 2020 Live Recap—Sessions 1 and 2

Xyngfest Email Banner-10-10.jpg

Xyngfling 2020 may have looked a little different than previous years—but all the excitement and amazing learning opportunities were just the same!

We missed seeing all of you in a fabulous ballroom setting, and we know many of you were disappointed not to be able to spend these days together with your teams and meeting old and new friends. But in true Xyngular fashion, you adapted and made this event truly special—our first-ever virtual event, Xyngfling 2020 Live!

Live-streamed to thousands of Distributors around the world, Xyngfling 2020 Live featured speeches and trainings from the Xyngular Corporate Leadership team, some of Xyngular’s most successful Distributor leaders, and this year’s keynote speaker, Michelle Poler of “Hello Fears.

Session 1 of Xyngfling 2020 Live

Curtis Call, Xyngular Chief Sales Officer
The 21st Century Is the Century for Women

—Yesterday was our fifth-best day in company HISTORY for enrollments.

—In just six days, this has been our best week in company HISTORY for enrollments!

—Women account for $13 trillion USD in annual earnings, climbing to $18 trillion in the next 5 years.

—40% of women are already out-earning their partners, a figure that is only expected to increase.

—Women influence or directly make upwards of 90% of the purchasing decisions in society’s most fundamental unit—the household.

—As 90% of Xyngular Distributors are women, we as a company are lifted up by the power of women!

—It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to the business, or have been with us for nine years—now is the time to run.

Robin Packard, Silver Ambassador
“What Would It Take for You to Go All In?”

—The state of the world is now in line with our Xyngular culture—people helping people, caring for health and wellness, and providing financial security—the world needs us now more than ever!

—When I first started with Xyngular, I was kind of “halfway in.”

I used the products, loved the products, and I lost 74 pounds in eight months—but I wasn’t interested in the business.*

—I didn’t think I had what it took to be a “Distributor,” a business person.

—I drove the six hours home from Xyngfling and asked myself, ‘Robin, what is stopping you from going all in?’

  • I could look like a failure.
  • What if I didn’t have what it takes?
  • Fear!

—It is a great time right now to change your thinking—realize that there are opportunities out there, you just need to commit and make that change.

—What does “going all in” look like for you? Be bold—it can be scary, but I’m so excited to see you take this challenge on, and see where you are at the next convention!

  • *Lose up to 15 pounds in 8 days. Lose an additional 1-2 pounds or more each week following the 8-day jump start. Results are not guaranteed and can vary.

Ryan Barson, Xyngular Senior Vice-President of Sales
What’s Holding You Back?

What is holding you back?

Like many, are you afraid of failure?

Session 2 of Xyngfling 2020 Live

Peter Griscom, Xyngular Product Advisory Council, Product Development
All About Resist

Today I’m so excited to talk to you about Xyngular’s latest product, Resist. Resist has been a tremendous success—you’ve sold over 60,000 units to date!

What Makes Resist Unique?

  • An individually wrapped chew
  • Tastes like chewy cherry candy!
  • Incredibly easy to share and sample
  • The chew format actually makes the product work better
  • Provides almost instant hunger control

HbG Complex: 1-in-100 Ingredient!

  • Resist’s hunger-fighting ingredient is actively released during chewing*
  • Chewing satisfies the hunger signals in the brain*
  • HbG Complex tricks your brain into feeling full and craving-free.*

Xyngular’s Three Appetite-Controlling Products

  • Xyng + Xr2 — these products support your mood levels, helping you avoid the “reward” signals of overeating or unhealthy foods.*
  • Cheat — a naturally-sourced fiber product that expands in your stomach, promoting a feeling of fullness.*
  • Resist — a brand-new convenient chew that stops cravings and hunger right where it starts—in the brain.*
  • Together, these products can make a really powerful strategy in outsmarting your hunger and managing your appetite throughout the day.*

Mandee Uncapher, Executive
The Essential Process of Duplication

Like most of you, I was looking to lose around 25 pounds, but nothing was really working.

I saw a friend on Facebook, and she told me about Xyngular—and in just eight days, I lost seven pounds, and 20 pounds in 30 days!*

People started to ask me what I was doing, and my friend explained how I could become a Distributor for only $35!

I made that money back and then some, but I started to hit a wall because I was focusing on my own efforts.*

Focusing on the principle of duplication, helping others to start taking advantage of opportunities and grow with Xyngular like I had, was the difference-maker.

Building up others will lift you as well—helping to build your team, helping them earn their Quick-Start bonuses and advance to Manager is the process that will change lives.

  • *Lose up to 15 pounds in 8 days. Lose an additional 1-2 pounds or more each week following the 8-day jump start. Results are not guaranteed and can vary.”
  • *View the Xyngular Income Summary at Xyngular.com/xis”
  • *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Tyler Sharp, Xyngular Regional Sales Director
Who Do You Know Who Needs Xyngular?

We are in the relationship business. Who do you have relationships with, and who could you create one with?

Grab a notepad or sheet of paper, and brainstorm some names!

Pro-Tip: Check out “How to Make a List” under Resources in your XBO.

  • Health and Wellness
    • Who do you know who could want less stress?
    • Sleep better?
    • Lose a little weight?
    • A lot of weight?
  • Side Income
    • Who is on your team?
    • Who wants to make some extra money?*
    • Who could benefit from an extra $100 a month?*
  • A New Income/Business Owner
    • Who has earned Quick Start?
    • Who wants to go on Passport trips?*
    • Who wants to become a Manager?

      *View the Xyngular Income Summary at Xyngular.com/xis”

      *Trips and travel are earned through Xyngular’s Passport Program and Distributors must meet specific requirements and qualifications to attend. Details of qualifications and expenses covered by Xyngular vary and can be found at http://on.xyngular.com/PassportSummary.

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