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Jeremy G Burrows

It's Time To Run!

katherine switzer time to run.jpg

Xyngfling 2020 effectively wrapped up on Saturday, April 18th, 2020.

Our very FIRST entirely virtual event and it was a HUGE success.

We hope you left feeling engaged, supported, inspired, and most of all. . . highly motivated and ready to RUN.

These are unprecedented times no doubt, but if we know anything, it’s that history is filled with examples of people overcoming the odds under less than perfect circumstances, and not only surviving but fully thriving.

Like Katherine Switzer, the first woman to complete the Boston Marathon.

Born in 1947, she was raised during an era where women didn’t traditionally run for exercise, and certainly not marathon distances. At 20 years old, she entered the 1967 Boston Marathon using her initials—K.V. Switzer. There was no official rule on the books preventing her from doing so!

Four miles in, the race director tried to physically pull her off the course, berating her and telling her she didn’t belong and was not allowed.

Other runners came to her defense, and though she was shaken, Katherine pressed on to finish the race and became the first woman in history to run that historic course—effectively paving the way for THOUSANDS of women who then followed suit.

She went on to run many more marathons and even had a hand in making the women’s marathon an Olympic sport.

Katherine Switzer changed the course of history, both for herself and for others.

She didn’t wait for permission; she didn’t wait for someone to tell her it was ok or hand her the formula she needed to be successful. She had a goal, and nothing was going to keep her from it.

Katherine Switzer showed up ready to run.

Be like Katherine.

Pay no mind to the messages of fear and negativity out there. Stay focused on the circumstances you can control. Be intentional about the goals you set. It’s time to run!

If we know anything, it’s that barriers can be broken. You can do amazing things with less than perfect circumstances.

When it comes to your Xyngular business, you already have an advantage with incredible products and support systems in place. Your corporate team is working HARD to give you the additional tools, promotions, and assets you need to be successful.


Your success is our success. Let’s lock arms and run together.

No matter what you’re hearing right now, or what’s going on in your communities, country, and even inside your own homes, the race for a better future starts NOW!

Take this motivation—this feeling of intensity and drive—and get to work.

It’s time to run!

Reminder: You can watch all sessions of Xyngfling 2020 right HERE for the next 30 days!

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