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Lee E. Gore

FAQ: Trimstix

Q: What makes Trimstix different from other weight loss and blood sugar control products?
A: Trimstix utilizes the patented, all natural proprietary blend of My Sugar Defense™, which has clinically shown to help control healthy blood sugar levels in healthy individuals and curb cravings for long term weight management and weight loss success.

Q: How do you recommend using Trimstix?
A: We recommend having one serving of Trimstix after lunch with 8-12oz of cold water. 

Q: Can I take Trimstix with my medication or condition or if I am diabetic?
A: Please consult your physician.

Q: What part of Trimstix helps to curb sugar cravings?
A: My Sugar Defense™, the clinically proven blend of all natural ingredients, helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels in healthy individuals and curb sugar cravings.

Q: How much caffeine is in Trimstix?
A: There is 50mg of caffeine per serving of Trimstix.