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Elizabeth Grady

FAQ: Immune

Q: What is the main purpose of Immune?
A: To promote and support healthy immune system function.

Q: How much does Immune cost at retail and wholesale?
A: $60.00 at retail, $49.99 at wholesale

Q: What is the PV of Immune?
A: 35 PV

Q: How do you recommend using Immune?
A: We recommend using Immune once daily with food.

Q: Is there soy in Immune?
A: No, there are no soy products in Immune.

Q: What makes Immune different from other immune-health products?
A: Immune is a special blend of therapeutic, antioxidant-rich mushrooms, designed to support overall immune system function, and improve your body’s responses to stress.

Q: Should I eat food before taking Immune?
A: Yes, we recommend taking Immune with food for maximum effectiveness.

Q: What are the top immune-health ingredients in Immune?
A: The key of Immune’s formula is the blend of antioxidant-rich mushrooms, plus a 100% daily value dose of vitamin C.

Q: What other products can Immune be taken with?
A: Immune can be taken with all Xyngular products.

Q: Where is Immune made?
A: Immune is made in the United States.

Q: Does Immune contain fish or shellfish?
A: Immune does not contain fish or shellfish.

Q: Does Immune contain nuts?
A: No nuts are included in Immune’s formula.

Q: Does Immune contain caffeine or other stimulants?
A: Immune contains no stimulants.

Q: How much Immune should you take in a day, and when?
A: We recommend taking one serving of Immune once daily, ideally with food.

Q: What kind of capsules does Immune use?
A: Immune uses vegetarian capsules.

Q: Can you use Immune if you are pregnant or nursing?
A: No, we recommend consulting with your doctor.