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Jeremy G Burrows


  • Gut Health/Detox
Flush PHL


A naturally sourced cleanse that removes harmful toxins, improves digestion and nutrient absorption, and reinforces your body's natural defenses.

Product Information

Aloe Leaf - This leaf helps speed up the removal of unwanted lipids in the digestive system - promoting healthy weight loss.
Roots (Cinnamon bark, Dandelion, Slippery elm, Ginger root) and bark help cleanse the GI tract and remove pollutants and toxins.
Husks & Seeds (Psyllium husk, Fenugreek seed) expand in your digestive system and gather lipids, as it helps evacuates waste.
Bulbs (Garlic, Cloves) protect the digestive system from free radical damage and improve ­flow and promote healthy intestinal circulation.

Flush Supplement Facts.jpg
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