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Glenda & Brian St. Louis


  • Healthy Testosterone Levels
  • Lean Muscle
  • Libido
Prime solo


By working to promote healthy levels of free testosterone, Prime will help you improve workout results, sculpt lean muscle, and heighten sexual performance. This potent, proprietary blend is safe and effective in optimizing testosterone to help you perform at your peak.


BENEFITS OF PRIME :   2_capsules-icon.png  3 CAPSULES   =   boost_testosterone.png  HEALTHY TESTOSTERONE LEVELS    lean_muscle-icon.png  SCULPT LEAN MUSCLE   Male Sexual Health SUPPORT SEXUAL HEALTH

Product Information

Product Information:

  • Naturally promote healthy testosterone levels
  • Sculpt lean muscle
  • Increase workout results
  • Helps support proper sexual health


Pictured: Maca

Prime Supplement Facts
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