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Michael Munroe

Xyngular Complete Collagen

  • Joint Recovery

Every Body. Every Day.

Xyngular Complete Collagen helps support joint health, development and maintenance of bones, and contains essential amino acids to help in collagen formation, all with 10 grams of multi-sourced collagen. With digestive enzymes and a world-class amino acid profile, Xyngular Complete Collagen is more than skin deep. The best collagen on the market won’t just give you collagen, it will also help your body process and produce it.

Finally, collagen that's more than skin deep.

Have questions? We have answers! See the Complete Collagen FAQs HERE!

Product Information


Risk Information:
Cautions and Warnings 
Consult a health care practitioner/health care provider/health care professional/doctor/physician if symptoms persist or worsen.Known Adverse Reactions Stop use if diarrhoea, abdominal pain, heartburn, nausea or vomiting occur.


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