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Michael Munroe


  • Appetite Control


Maintain a healthy diet, ditch the excess, and still feel full with Resist. Resist offers quick appetite control in a sweet wild cherry chew. Thanks to the HbG complex, you can have a tasty “treat with a purpose” and feel full faster with just one chew. The individually wrapped chews make it easy to say “no” on the go!

BENEFITS OF Resist:  Resist Chew Silloute.jpg 1 Resist Chew   =    Icon_AppetiteControl_40px  APPETITE SUPPORT

Product Information

Product Information:

HbG Complex—the key ingredient found in Resist—gives each soft chew the fast-acting hunger control that you need. HbG Complex:

  • Helps you consume fewer calories
  • Take right before a meal
  • Naturally-sourced ingredient made from yeast


Resist_CA_Medicinal Ingredients
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