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Melissa A Phillips


  • Snack Replacement
  • Lean Muscle
Lean Product Image


Lean is a premium protein shake with a full spectrum of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes that provides high quality nutrition in a low calorie form. Each 44 calorie serving of Lean provides 10g of protein in a non-gmo, gluten free shake. Lean combines two different types of proteins to ensure you get the nutrition your body needs, while maintaining a feeling of fullness longer than traditional protein shakes.


BENEFITS OF LEAN :   1_scoop-icon.png   1 SCOOP   =    snack_replacement-icon.png  SNACK REPLACEMENT    lean_muscle-icon.png  LEAN MUSCLE

Product Information

Product Information:

  • Provides 10g of protein with only 44 calories
  • Contains full spectrum of vitamins and minerals
  • Contains digestive enzymes for better absorption



Lean Nutrition Facts
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